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ethics in science and technology

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Animal Ethics

The use of animals in research has been a contentious ethical issue for a very long time. The UK is one of the foremost nations in pressing for improvements in animal welfare and the care of animals that are used in research. For many, such use is a necessary step in the validation and safety testing of new medical drugs and treatments, as a check before using them in human clinical trials. For some, however, it is absolutely wrong to treat our fellow creatures in this way. It is important to recognise that not all animal research is for human medicine. Some is directed to addressing animal diseases and animal behaviour, and animal nutrition and welfare in agricultural production, as well as in veterinary medicine. Edinethics' Managing Director Donald Bruce is a member of the UK Government's Animals in Science Committee, which advises the statutory Animals inspectorate (ASRU) and the Home Secretary on matters of animal research in the UK. Amongst other duties, it is also called upon to give its ethical opinion on applications for animal research projects in some fields which are considered of special concern or sensitivity.

In this new section of the Edinethics website we shall be developing some ages addressing some important issues of animal ethics.


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