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Edinethics Current Work

Edinethics has been working for several years on activities associated with European Commission FP7 projects engaging with the ethical implications of cutting edge science.

  • Partner in the NanoAthero project (2013-2018), which is using nanoparticles as the basis to develop clinical methods to detect, and hopefully treat, atherosclerosis, which is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes worldwide.
  • Creating a Democs card game for public engagement on nanomedicine in connection with the NanoAthero project
  • Ethics of animal use in medical and agricultural applications and research
  • Ethics and public engagement of genome editing in crops, animals and humans
  • Lecturing at Edinburgh University on the ethics of genetically modified crops in relation to food security and sustainable agriculture
  • Lecturing at Edinburgh University on risk and regulatory aspects of nuclear power
  • Presenting on ethics and public engagement on nanomedicine at annual the  European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine, Clinam in Basel, Switzerland. This highly recommended annual conference provides a unique forum in which the latest research in nanomedicine engages with the current real world problems in different fields of clinical medicine.
  • Presentation on ethics of brain-computer interface research in neurosciences, Grenoble, 18-19 January 2016
  • Presentation on ethical and regulatory implications of genome editing regarding GM crops and animals, Bilbao, December 2015

Ethics and Public Engagement

In many of these projects we have worked with Perry Walker and the New Economics Foundation (nef) on developing new tools - like the Democs card game and the Open Up! argument maps - for engaging wider publics in thinking about these and other issues. We believe that to address the challenges of emerging issues like these needs a combination of expert ethical analysis and also lay insights which come from public engagement. For more see our Democs pages, including downloadable games.

Other Nanotechnology Projects

Edinethics has been much involved with the ethics of nanotechnologies, including work with other projects in this field :